Hey everyone!

I’ve finally got around to writing my first blog post (even though I set this blog up back in March). I thought now would be the perfect time as I’ve recently made a huge decision in my life that concerns my heart condition. I’ve finally, after months and months of thinking, decided to get an ICD. Not a conventional ICD, but a newer type called an S-ICD. There are many reasons why I decided to go with this type, all of which I’ll get into in one of my upcoming posts.

I’ll be as active as I can throughout this blog, documenting what my life is like now and has been for the past 20 years or so, the build up to the operation, and how my life turns out after it! I’ll be covering a lot such as stress, my emotional state, the anxiety of the procedure, the support I’ve received, leading a healthy lifestyle, and just general information and updates about what it’s like living with Cardiomyopathy and having a device.

I hope you can stick with me during this blog as I work it all out, I’ll make it as entertaining and informative as I can for you!

See you soon,


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